A final Christmas gift.

Hannah told me that my nephew, Jack, would really enjoy a tool belt. He loves to help out around the house and over Christmas spent many hours piddling around the garage with his Granddad building things out of scrap wood.

There are a few tutorials for tool belts on the web, but I didn't see any that gave you a tool belt that looked somewhat like real tool belt that an actual carpenter would wear. Mostly they just seemed to be glorified aprons. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

For mine, I used some webbing and scraps of canvas to give it a more rugged look. This was another project that came together really quickly.

Everything can slide around on the belt, which is also adjustable. The only thing I'd like to do different next time is to make the pockets a little different so maybe there aren't quite so many exposed seams. There are two pockets and then a loop for the hammer, but I think maybe I'll make either a third pocket or make one of the pockets bigger next time.

(And since I have 3 other nephews and a son, you know this is a present that will be made again. And again.)


Kathryn said…
Oooh! I love this! How cool. My boys would love it too. I'll have to see what my sewing machine and I can come up with. Thanks for the great idea

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