We (meaning Jeff) have been doing a little bit of job searching recently, looking over a few lists of open pulpits. PCA churches usually fill out a form that gives some basic info about the church. There is also a place where the search committee can rate what qualities are most important to them in the man they are looking for, as well as what priorities they have in the job description.

One church we were looking at actually had preaching of the word rated a "2" out of a possible 4. Clearly an older congregation, they were more interested in someone who could do a lot of visitation. When they rated what skills they were looking for, similarly, preaching was listed as a "6" out of 7.

At the bottom of the list, though, under the category of "Other" they had scribbled in "No inside pets" and circled "7" next to it.

We decided not to apply.


Melanie said…
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Melanie said…
Little did they know that they'd lose a shot at a great pastor and his afraid-of-humans (and all manner of other things...) dog!
Ed Eubanks said…
I saw that one… in fact, I blogged about it.

Did you see the one that wants a young pastor with kids, and "wife to assist"?

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