December 14

Working on the homemade gifts for some of the office staff:

Chocolate caramel crackers a la Smitten Kitchen. (These are really, really easy and very delicious. I need them out of my house asap because I cannot stop eating them.)

Sugar scrub a la Martha Stewart. Some of mine is grapefruit scented, and some is vanilla orange. This was another quick project - and if I can find the ingredients in Greenwood, then I guarantee you can find them in whatever city you live in. The essential oils and almond oil I found at our GNC. Everything else was from our regular grocery store. So pretty!

Speaking of homemade projects, I'd really like to try some of Martha Stewart's homemade lip balm. Maybe after Christmas....


Bill Tell said…
can i join your office staff?
Banana said…
Looks like Dad wants some sugar scrub... ;)

What type of crack(er) did you use for the chocolate caramel treats?

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