December 9

One reason I enjoy doing the DPP every year is that it makes me think each day about what I see and how to capture that in a way that is visually interesting.

I was running some errands this afternoon, boring ones - the post office, the grocery store. But because I wanted to have something decent to post, I pulled over at this small pond on my way home, plopped Judah down, and started shooting. I never would have taken the time to enjoy the cool air and the lovely reflection of the trees against the pond any other day.

I loved how these came out. I was feeling pensive today for some reason and this photo has that sort of feel. Plus I like how it's nearly monochromatic except for Judah's red shirt.

Sadly, tomorrow I'm back to work, so I'll probably be stuck with just my iphone camera again. Today, though, Judah and I both relished the gray sky, brown grass, and wintry air.


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