Gifts, part 2.

For Our newest nephew, Ian Joseph.

I made another elephant like Judah's although I think this one turned out better. As in, it looks less like a mouse with a long nose and more like an actual elephant.

I also made him a name pillow. I had been wanting to make one of these for a while, and since I didn't have anything else planned for sweet baby Ian, I thought he would be the first to get one. I suspect if you are less than 5 and related to me, you will probably be getting one of these sometime in the next year. I know projects like this float around the internet, but my inspiration for this was actually a pillow my kindergarten teacher made me 25 (!!) years ago. Every year, she made a pillow like this for each of her students. (You can see that I had one of the awesomest kindergarten teachers of all time.) We kept it at school, but then at the end of the year it was ours to keep. I love my pillow and still have it.

Here it is in the nursery, before Judah was born. I'm hoping to make Judah's name pillow soon, and maybe then I can post a little tutorial.


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