December 2

I often feel like we get shafted in the weather department here in SC. The summers are long and humid. The winters short and warm. I know lots of people out there would kill for winters like these, and I shouldn't complain. But there is something so right about being cold in the winter and bundling up at Christmas to go out and play in the snow. I've always been the one to hope in vain for cold temperatures and snow. Especially in December.

I will admit that I've come to love the sunny but cool, dry winter days here. They leave the sky an incredible blue.

Which so nicely contrasts several church steeples in town.

And makes me remember why I do really love living in South Carolina.

(So far I've only managed to use my iphone for my DPP pics. Although I am always impressed with the photos, I'm looking forward to using my SLR now that I'm through with another work week.)


WOWZERS!! The sky is amazing!!! As are the pictures.
Anonymous said…
Wish we could promise snow when you come to CO, but it's been so nice this fall, we've had almost none. Maybe that means we'll be due for a blizzard while you're here.

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