December 3

Judah is at the age where he really can't be bothered to wait for me to finish changing his diaper. As soon as I take his diaper off, he's always trying to flip over and crawl away. This morning was no exception. He's really gotten quite fast at his army scoot and this morning was scooting away from me almost before I could stop him.

What did I do then? Why grabbed my camera, of course.


Melanie said…
Cute. But a naked army crawl on a hardwood floor doesn't sound so comfy...

(and because you and Jeff both often have funny things to say about word verifications, mine is herphlo. as in, "she's got a naked baby crawling across herphlo!")
What a cute naked baby! :)
RT said…
You're a featured blogger today on the DPP! So your precious little naked child is, too. :)

Judah has gotten so big! And so squeezy. I'm sending him a hug through blogland this morning.

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