Christmas gifts, part 1.

I had lots of fun making Christmas gifts this year. I get so excited about things I'm sewing its hard not to blog about it at Christmas time. But finally, finally, all the gifts have been sent out and received and I can finally show some pictures!

Nothing warms this aunt's heart more than seeing her gifts being enjoyed.

Sam, Caleb, and Ashlyn all got superhero capes and masks. This was such a fast, easy project, but one that seems to be a big hit.

To make these, I just took a yard of two different fabrics, folded them in half longways, and cut out a cape-like shape. Using scraps I appliqued each with an initial on one side and a shape on the other (A lightning bolt for Sam, a star for Caleb, and a crown for Ashlyn). With right sides facing, I sewed around the two sides and the bottom, then turned them right side out. I just used some double-fold bias tape to make the ties.

Ashlyn's I also embellished with some lace and sparkly dress trim to make it super girly.

The masks are just craft felt. I freehanded a pattern and top-stitched around the edges, catching a piece of elastic as I went to make the strap. To make the pattern, I got my SIL, Hannah to measure around each kid's head and to measure between their eyes. I used one of my fancy stitches to go around the edges to make it look a little more fun.

Hopefully these will get years of fun use!


Melanie said…
As soon as the boys opened theirs I remembered that you'd asked for those measurements ... I'm glad we could benefit from Hannah's ability to follow directions! So stinking cute.
Melanie said…
Just so you know, these items are termed "super capes" and "glasses" by the boys. Sam had to eat lunch in his super cape yesterday, with a bib on so that he didn't get food on the super cape ... how a bib on his tummy protects the cape on his back, I'm not sure.

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