December 6 or Getting Ready/ Ready

The only time I'm jealous of famous people is when I have to get dressed up for an event. I wish I had someone whose job it was to make me look georgeous, do my hair and make up, and pick out something fabulous for me to wear.

Oh well.

Two things happened tonight which indicate how hard I was trying to look nice.
1.) I used hot rollers.
2.) I wore, not only make-up, but actual eye liner. I can't remember the last time I wore eyeliner.

(It's funny to me how the pictures I take for the December Photo project often have a similar feel from year to year. Here is my 2007 Christmas party photo, and here's the one from 2009.)


Elsa Meyer said…
You look so pretty! I love the hair.
Gray said…
Where'd you go all dolled up? are gorgeous!!!
Aubrey said…
Thanks for the compliments. Gray, we were headed to the annual Christmas party for the hospital.

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