Nursery update #1

I was off this weekend, giving me a little more time to do some more nursery sewing.

Mom and Dad picked up our nursery furniture and brought it down on Saturday, so now our nursery is starting to look like an actual nursery.

There is still lots to be done and sewn, but it's nice to be finished with the crib stuff.


Megan said…
Cute!!! I love it. I'd sooo love another chance to do a nursery. The fabric options are SO much better now than they were in 1998...
Melanie said…
Love it! ... cant' wait to see a little Tell in it :)
The Balls said…
VERY cute, aubrey!!! you did an awesome job!
Pam said…
Adorable -- very nice work and love your fabric choices!
CO mom said…
Agree with all of the above.

Really really wonderful. Your baby is going to feel so pampered.

Can hardly wait to meet Baby.

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