Because I can't come up with an entire post....

1. I've had several moments of panic recently. I'm on pediatrics this month, which involves examining all the newborns. Several of the babies I've taken care of were actually due in March. March - you know - the same month I'm due. Yikes!

2. We've had two showers now. Our little nursery is slowly filling up with stuff. At the shower on Monday, my friend Amanda planned a craft time instead of a game. It was perfect. Everyone made our little some sort of felt food for our baby. And we got our car seat, which to me seems like one of the truly essential baby items. Now we can take our baby home from the hospital. So maybe we will be ready.....

3. Tonight is my last call until after the baby comes. Woohoo! I'm praying for a quiet night since call makes me grumpy. I'm dreading it, but am definitely looking forward to not have any calls for a while.

4. I was suddenly paranoid that maybe the baby was breech this week. The baby has been head down for a while, but I was feeling kicks in different places and so I was worried he or she had flipped around. At the end of clinic yesterday, I did one last ultrasound on myself - just to check the position of the baby's head. Yep. Head down. While down there looking, I could see our sweet little baby's lips and chin. So sweet.


Melanie said…
A car seat AND a crib?! You really are having a baby :)

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