And here I thought I was just getting old!

The last several years I've noticed a certain trend. I'd started driving with the radio turned off. I liked driving in silence. I was a little bit worried about this.

You see, all during my San Diego, and St. Louis days I was an avid radio listener. All sorts of things would I listen to on the radio. Top forty stations, hard rock stations, lots of alternative "90's" rock stations, and occasionally, (but rarely) country. I even went through an NPR phase. I used to listen to talk of the nation with Juan Williams on my way to the gym after lunch. It made me feel smart and well informed.

But sometime after moving to Charleston things changed. I no longer desired the audial companionship of Juan or any of my musician friends. I longed to contemplate the sounds of silence.

I figured this just meant that I was getting old. I was no longer the free spirited youth rebelling against the man through my participation in rock music. I was becoming contemplative, mellow, refined, mature even.

Thank goodness that phase is over. Aubrey got me an XM satellite radio for Christmas and I am back to my music loving ways. I now look forward to getting in the car and cranking up some tunes again. I realized that I haven't gotten old, there were just no good radio stations here in SC. Silence was simply the better option when pitted against the annoying dj's, constant commercials, and recycled tunes being spun on what I have come to call "terrestrial" radio. XM has reliberated me to enjoy music again. Get this, I even like the Christian station on the XM! This is saying something, because I always thought Christian stations were the lostest of the lost causes. The dj's are hopelessly sentimental, the music dull, and they play clips of four year olds singing Christmas carols. But the XM station has proven that there is still good Christian music being produced.

And here I thought I was just getting old!


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