Brain freeze

Our little blog is getting neglected here lately.

I think the biggest reason is that I just can't seem to come up with very many coherent thoughts. Even though I'm off medicine, I'm now doing my last block of pediatrics. It's not nearly as intense as medicine, but still keeps me pretty busy. And throw in a call (last week) and my final moonlighting shift (last night) and I just haven't been able to think about much besides sleeping and trying to keep up with my regular responsibilities at home.

Here are some more random thoughts:

1. The pregnancy waddle? You just can't help it. I swear, I physically try to walk normally, but I just don't. Can't. Oh well.

2. Compression stockings are a blessing. Especially for those of us who are on our feet a lot.

3. A hot bath at the end of the day is sometimes just a glorious thing.

4. I found some fabric that I really like for my diaper bag, but only have a small fat quarter of it and can't figure out the designer. Any ideas for searching for a specific fabric when you don't know what it's called? My best idea is to go back to the store where I got it (located an hour away) and see if they still have it, but I can't do that until this weekend. And I'm getting impatient to get it made, since I know that it's much less likely to get done after the baby comes.

5. I did a little project this weekend, which involved dyeing some onesies and cloth diapers, with the hopes of then embellishing them some more. Yet another little project I'd like to get finished soon. But I'm fairly pleased with the outcome and will post photos as soon as I'm actually done.

6. I'm getting more nervous about the actual giving birth process. The normal contractions that I have are getting slightly more painful, and even though in my head I have this idea that I'd love to do it without an epidural, I'm not sure I'll be able to. I'm reading a book called The Birth Partner right now to help my prepare. Anyone have any other resources for natural childbirth? There really aren't any classes around here, so I can't really do that. How should I prepare myself?

7. Certain Russian figure skaters need to learn how to be more gracious in losing. That's all I'm saying.

I guess that is all my semi-coherent thoughts for the moment. Maybe a photo post later?


Annie said…
Can you take a digital picture of your fabric and ask around that way to track down the designer??

As far as natural childbirth... I've done it 4 times, and by the fourth one, labor was definitely not something I was looking forward to, by the time she was born I was happy to have done it without pain meds. I like Dr. Sears books (not his take on discipline, though) for tips on childbirth and nursing. Do you have a doula? With my first that was a big help. When you are at the point of wanting to give up, that is usually the point where it gets better! My body always naturally gave me a short 10-20 minute break after transition and before pushing to take a little power nap and get ready to finish the job. There are times when an epidural can speed up a slow labor, but for the most part, I think it's best to let your body do the work it's designed to do. Plus, it's cheaper. :)
Corrin said…
Can you call the store and describe the fabric? They can tell you the name of the designer. A phone call is better than driving an hour.
The Balls said…
wow, i think you're the first doctor i've heard of wanting to do natural childbirth!! really boring workouts helped me...i know that sounds odd, but i think it helped me learn to focus on something else while in pain (because waddling IS painful) and to work on my concentration skills. and it's SO true, just when you feel like you can't handle it or you're about to give up, you are in transition and have about 10 min left. i always tell clint that it was harder for him to watch me go through it than the actually labor was for me (;
it's definitely worth trying at least!
I don't have any specific names of books but learning proper breathing through contractions is really helpful to help you relax and stay oxygenated. It is amazing how your body just knows what to do and does it. I agree, transition is the hardest but also the shortest! (I remember Hannah telling me this) Wait as long as you can to go to the hospital (if you aren't already there ;)) because once you get there you konw how it is and don't get pitocin. The only thing I had was an IV site with a block for "just in case". It was wonderful and Natalie nursed for over an hour (she was much more alert than Amelia-I had epidural with her) and my milk came in within 24 hours. Just stay focused on your reasons for doing it without drugs and it is so worth it!
REO in CA said…
I've been wondering if Jeff was going to get to go to childbirth classes. He needs it too, you know. Surely the hospital must have something.

Aunt RE
I wanted to have K without any drugs, but gave in once I was at the hospital. I second what someone else said, stay at home as long as possible. I took two baths before we left and arrived at 7cm. More importantly, have your mind made up before you go into labor (if that is possible). It will help keep you focused. For me, as soon as I wavered, I gave in. Lastly, don't beat yourself up if you get the epidural. I felt kind of bad...but in the end, K was born and he is absolutely beautiful and healthy...just like your son or daughter will be. Can't wait to meet your sweet one!

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