Nursery update #2

The curtain is finished!! I also made a sweet little bunting out of the same fabrics to put on the wall over the changing table, but mom borrowed it to use as a decoration for another shower we're having in a few weeks, so no picture of that one yet.

I think I'm mostly done with the nursery sewing for now. I'd still like to make a diaper bag, but am still formulating what I want to do for that. Any suggestions?


Melanie said…
love it. again.

For the diaper bag, my #1 suggestion would be something messenger-bag-like, or at least with a strap long enough to wear across your body. It's just a lot easier to not have a bag sliding off your shoulder when you're lugging a stroller out of the car, carseat into a grocery cart, etc.
CO mom said…
Toooooooo cute!!!!
The Scooper said…
Way cute! Love your choice of fabric! That baby is going to have one stylin' nursery.
If you develop the perfect diaper bag, then I want to borrow that pattern! I feel like I am always looking for the perfect one. I like my messenger bag, but the fabric along the zipper was too flimsy and I ended up fighting with it all the time. Difficult to operate one-handed. I just bought a little backpack and I am loving having my hands free while lugging around Kaleb. Happy diaper bagging---your nursery is beautiful!!!

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