There are certain words you don't want to hear your doctor use when talking about you as a patient. "Interesting" is one of those words.

If I'm ever in the hospital, I want whatever is wrong with me to be called "routine" or "boring," and I want the intern taking care of me to think, "Ms. Tell in room 323 is just another (insert boring disease here) and to be able to say what the plan of care is without even thinking about it.

This morning, all the residents on our team trekked down to the lab to look at the "interesting" spinal fluid of a patient we are taking care of. (You definitely don't ever want anything interesting enough to warrant a trip to the lab.) He has a rare type of meningitis that only AIDS patients get. Even the lab technicians and the infectious disease specialist commented on how "impressive" his slide was. That's another word you don't want to hear.

The third word that is best to avoid?
My reaction, on seeing this "interesting" and "impressive" slide:


Catherine said…
May I add to your list? My rheumatologist (who I've seen for over 8 months now) has started referring to me as "a mystery"...

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