Ah the irony.

Just yesterday during lunch, I was talking with one of my attendings and mentioning how I had never called in sick during residency. Never.

I spoke too soon.

I started feeling a little bad the night before last, but by yesterday afternoon I was feeling terrible - crampy stomach pains, tiredness, nausea. I knew there was some sort of GI bug that was slowly making its way through the residents, but was hoping it would skip me. I actually got one of the other residents to see me because I wanted to make sure everything was ok with the baby. (It was.) I came right home, crashed on the couch, and tried to sip on some gatorade.

Growing up, my mom always said I was her best puker because I always managed to make it to the toilet. Sadly, last night the nausea was bareable until suddenly it wasn't. I told Jeff I needed the bucket, and promptly tossed my cookies all over the floor. Poor guy - just before I threw up, our dog actually threw up and he had just finished cleaning up the dog puke when he had to come down and clean up mine.

Thankfully, there was no more throwing up after that, and waking up this morning I actually was a little hungry. After taking a morning nap, I'm feeling almost back to my normal self and even called to see if they needed me back at work. They told me not to worry about it, which was really nice.

Now I can just try to rest up before being on call tomorrow.


RT said…
Ugh, poor you! I hope you get better soon. I'm sure being sick when you're pregnant is a lot worse than usual. : /
CO mom said…
Good thing you're not married to Jeff's brother!

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