Sun hat.

I fired up the sewing machine to make Judah a Sun hat. Pattern found here. I think I'm going to shorten the straps and use a snap instead of tying it as that seems more boyish.

I'm hoping to do some more sewing for Judah-baby here pretty soon. I finally ordered some really cute boyish fabric, so expect to see some more cute projects soon.....


Melanie said…
LOVE that hat! And, making Judah's hats will only become more beneficial to you if he has the same head genes that his cousins do. It was nearly impossible to find a sun hat that fit Sam this year ... and I'm not sure the one we have will last the summer :)
Elsa Meyer said…
I love the hat! The whole picture is super cute!
REO in CA said…
Oh! Is he cute! And the hat, too!
Love the hat! You did a great job.

I vote for velcro over snaps. You can adjust the tightness a little easier.

His cheeks are chubbing up! So cute.

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