3 months

We had an actual photographer take some photos of Judah since he 's now 3 months old, which on the one hand sounds like a short amount of time considering how much my life has changed since he arrived. But it's also hard to believe that he's already getting so big. He's finally started doing more laughing, which is probably the best sound ever. He loves when I take off his clothes, and that's when it's easiest to get him to laugh. He's also started scooting around in the bed more - he'll end up turned 90 degrees from the direction I lay him down in. I feel like he'll be rolling over before too long - he's started rolling up on his side some, too. It's exciting seeing him get all these milestones, but part of me doesn't want him to grow up so fast.

I tried leaving him in the nursery the other night. Unfortunately, the monitor wasn't working right so I only heard him when he started crying really, really loud. I got up to the nursery and his eyes were all red from crying. I felt like a horrible mommy and decided that I wasn't ready to move him up there. I'm perfectly happy keeping him in his cradle a little longer. And even though part of me is looking forward to sleeping through the night, another part of me loves our middle of the night feeding/snuggle time and doesn't want to push him into sleeping longer.

It's funny how kids inherit certain things from their parents. Yesterday, for instance, I made him laugh and then he got the hiccups. Growing up, Every. Single. Time. I laughed I got the hiccups and I never met anyone else that did that. Eventually I outgrew it, and now I get the hiccups only if I cough. But apparently Judah does it, too, which sort of warms my heart, even though it always drove me crazy when I was younger. It makes me wonder what other quirks he might have inherited from me....


The Scooper said…
Congratulations on your graduation. I'm so proud of you! Judah is just adorable. He looks so much like you. I love that you love motherhood as much as you do. Soak up every sweet baby moment, sleep-deprived though you may be...the moments do go by so very quickly.

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