My Wife is Famous

As an encore to Aubrey's Letter to the Editor in World magazine this last month, yesterday she was in the paper.

Technically she is part of the "out with old" referred to here. But the article is highlighting how she is staying here in town.

(click on the image for a bigger image that you can read.)


Anonymous said…
So Aubrey and Jeff-- I am on vacation (and finally have time to stalk my friends online and realize just how cool they actually are)and I don't really know how I came across your blog on facebook but I have read some of it tonight and I found the one about Aubrey's NPR call in--I have the time so I listened to it! Good job, way to sound intelligent and put-together. Oh and I love you guys, glad you all are hanging around town for awhile. Oh and congratulations on graduation Aubrey, I won't be there, I'm at Edisto. Good night! Ginger Purdom
Elle said…
Aubrey and Jeff... I am so glad I found ya'll! (I found ya'll via sixyearmed)

I am 26 and starting medical school in August (moving from Austin, TX to Fairfield, CA in three weeks), and although I'm very excited to be out of the phase of hoping I get to be a doctor one day, and into the phase of actually training to be a doctor... my boyfriend - of 5 years... 'bout time for a ring :)- and I are facing a lot of questions both internally and externally about how exactly we plan to fit a family into residency and medical school, and how its going to work with me being a doctor and most likely working mom -his very southern, very traditional parents are equally appalled by the idea that I might one day earn more than he will (he's a professionally trained chef and currently he out-earns me by $2000 a year, which seems to be enough to appease his folks) and that I probably won't be a stay at home mom! Anyway... I have been scouring the blogosphere for someone just like ya'll... and here you are!

I'm very excited to get to know you more through your blog... and also very excited to learn from your experiences :) It's amazing how many Dr's and med students wive's have blogs... but I've had a challenge finding blogs written by female med students or Dr's....

mom and dad said…
Aubrey - We're sooooooo very proud of you!! And so honored that you are part of the fam! We love you sooooo much. Great article.

Co mom and dad

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