Sorry for the unintended slow down of posting.

In 8 days, I'll be finished with residency. As in done. As in, "Yes, I'm finally done with school and am a 100% certified, actual physician."

I've got what feels like a ton to finish before then - including one academic project I'm writing a paper for and quite a few random things I have to get checked off before graduation. (This is what happens when you are pregnant during most of third year, and have a baby 2.5 months before graduation - things get left until the very end.)

I'm also doing a little elective in Seneca right now, so we're staying with my parents, but I've been back and forth to Greenwood several times, which has also made these last couple of weeks a little busier. It's nice being up here, though. I'm having fun doing a fun, laid-back rotation. My mom is loving getting to watch Judah while I'm at work.

Hopefully I'll be posting more photos from the days to come and maybe I'll even get together a post of my favorite baby items and other new mom things I've learned in the 10 weeks (!!) since Judah was born. But before then, I've got lots to do.....


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