Odds and ends of the end.

Tonight is my last. call. ever. (Well, last in-house call as a resident) Woo-hoo. I can't believe it's almost over.

Today I was interviewed by our local paper since I'm staying on here in town as a physician. The reporter used a recorder and everything. I felt so self-conscious in that situation - it was very bizarre. Then she took my picture, which I didn't now was happening today. Perhaps I would have done something different with my hair.

I'm almost done with my paper. Just a few finishing touches to add.

Three different people stopped me on Sunday at the church lunch to say that they had seen my letter in World magazine. I felt famous.

I still can't believe I have less than a week left.


Congratulations! I hope your last call as a resident went well.

You should share the link to the article when it comes out. Between your letter in World and the article, you ~are~ famous! :)

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