What I didn't know....

.... that I could look back at pictures taken just 5 or 6 or 8 weeks ago and get a little misty-eyed, thinking about that sweet baby and how little he was.

... that the thought of moving him up to his nursery would make me so sad.

... that I'd love nursing my sweet baby as much as I do.

.... that I could get used to being woken up every night at least once to feed him, and get a little sad thinking about the day when he won't need me to. (a little)

... that the best part of my last call would be seeing Jeff and Judah come to the cafeteria at 7am, just in time for me to give him his morning feed.

... that I could nearly have a panic attack every. time. I think about any number of bad things happening to him.

.... that the weight of his small body would feel so right nestled up next to me.

... that such a small sound - a baby laugh - could make me so incredibly happy.


Emilie said…
so true . . . . .
The Scooper said…
Aww, now I'm misty-eyed. You make me {almost} want to have another baby. : )

So glad you are basking in motherhood and all its glory...I'm not a bit surprised.

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