Baby shoes

I finally, finally made Judah some shoes. These have been my go-to baby gift for several years now, but I just hadn't gotten around to making any for Judah. I guess the saying holds true that the cobbler's children go without shoes....

They're a little big on him now, but I'm glad they'll fit him for several more months.

One reason why I waited was because my cute boy fabric stash was sorely in need. So this past week I got a big order from, my new favorite place for fabric on the web. They carry really, really cute stuff and even sell you combinations of fabric that would work together in a quilt. I've been mulling over some different quilt ideas for several days now. Maybe that will be my next project.

(And yes, I worked on this on my post call day instead of finishing my paper, but I decided that after being on call I deserved to do something more fun...)


The Scooper said…
Oh my goodness...those shoes! You are amazing. I bet you're the craftiest doctor in America.
Love them! That shoe style is the only kind that actually stays on little feet. But Robeez are so expensive and babies grow so quickly.

I wish I could sew...
Carissa said…
You are so talented! Those shoes are precious! Now I really wish I knew how to sew so I could make some little shoes for Gemma!

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