New Pants, take two.

I was feeling inspired on Saturday. Or maybe I was just wanting to procrastinate from cleaning the house. Either way, I whipped up a couple more pairs of pants for Judah, this time in a larger size. I also tried to make the bum area a little more generous to accommodate the cloth diapers. I'm not sure I actually did that part right or if they just fit better since they're a larger size, but either way, I can tell these will be fitting him for a while. I also figured out a better way to sew these to make them actually reversible. The first pants I did are sort of reversible, but I probably wouldn't actually ever use them on the opposite side because of how they're finished. But these are truly reversible. I'll have to get a photo of what the other side looks like. I was also proud of myself because I didn't have quite enough of the lining fabric on either pair, but took a line from Tim Gunn a la Project Runway and "made it work."

The first pair were some USC gamecock pants for him to wear during football season. The reverse is this nice gray (same that I used in his hat.)

And next I used some fabric scraps I got when I ordered cute boy fabric from fabricworm.

I'm just digging this green and orange combo. (From the Riley Blake wheels fabric line.)

As you can see, they're still a bit big, but I'm glad he's got some room to grow. The nice thing about this pattern is that once you've done it once, they really come together quickly.


Christy said…
Aubrey, you look great! You are skinny minnie!
CoMom said…
You are amazing.

Homemade clothes.
Homemade food.
Wonderful mom.
Phenomenal wife.
I'd come to you as a doc any time ... I think. :)

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