As promised, here are some photos of the pants I made Judah:

First, from right after I made them, when he was about 3 weeks old.

And here they are on him today. You can see his latest trick - standing. He can't pull up, but he tries so hard to that I just have to oblige. He really prefers standing to sitting, most of the time:

And in another view. (And no, I do not usually let him play with a coaster on our floor near electrical cords. But that's where the light was the best...)

(From Simplicity 3765 - but I made the pants lined)


I actually gasped when I saw the photo of him STANDING. High fives, Judah. That's some big boy stuff.

Love the red pants. They are really cute, especially the big polka dotted cuffs.
Carissa said…
Your comment about not letting him play with coasters on the floor near electrical cords cracked me up - I don't think I would have noticed if you hadn't drawn attention to it! :)

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