I'm reading a very interesting book right now called Expecting Adam. It's written by a mother who had a son with Down Syndrome, a mother who is a self-proclaimed atheist, staunch feminist, and strongly pro-choice. (And apparently now writes for "O" magazine.) It's a memoir of that pregnancy and her life as a graduate student at Harvard who not only had the audacity to get pregnant, but then also decided to carry to term a baby with Down Syndrome.

What amazes me is how well she can grasp the Truth and eloquently explain it, and yet still be so lost.

My favorite quote so far:
"All I can say for sure is that whatever supernatural beings are operating around us, they are working from a priority list that is different than mine."

I look at the second part of that sentence and think, "Amen. Wow. She is so on point there."

Then I reread the first part and just sigh and shake my head. That's how it is throughout everything I've read so far - some of it just achingly beautiful and true. Some of it just makes you want to shake her out of the blindness she's living in. She did such a beautiful and hard thing when she decided to carry her baby to term. She says over and over how he has taught her so much and enriched her life in myriad ways. Then in the next breath defends all those who have chosen to live their lives without that blessing.

What's funny to me is that even though her expressed purposes are not to convince people that abortion is wrong or to have them understand that a loving God guided her down an unexpected path, through trials and dark, difficult times to a place of beauty, that is exactly the message she's given me: A reminder that his plans are better than mine, and that his ways are higher than my ways.

I can see God working in her life, even if she can't.


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