I've been working on Judah's baby book (which I'm doing on Shutterfly) the last few evenings after he goes to sleep. It's been a fun memory lane, going back through some of the old photos of him. I actually get a little teary-eyed when I notice how big he's gotten and how much he's changed. I actually miss that little baby we had then.

Which is just crazy, right?? Because he's still here, sleeping (or not) in his crib. I guess other moms out there can relate. I just keep loving Judah more and more and it's an incredible joy to watch him grow and get bigger. And now he's doing more and so much more interactive than he ever was when he was such a tiny thing. But I still miss that tiny little smooshy baby. Sigh.


Emilie said…
Carissa said…
Totally with you. It's definitely a mom thing too - I say stuff like this to Cy and he doesn't get it at all.
reddchurch said…
i tell caleb (my 2 year old) every day to stop growing up and he says "no mommy, i'm big boy"
Banana said…
Wow, where did all that hair go? Judah IS aging!
Anonymous said…
What a cutie - then and now!

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