1. I got all the way to work this morning (early!) and was walking in the building when I realized that I had forgotten my pager. Sadly, this small (but annoying) piece of equipment is not one I can work without. I had to drive all the way back home to get it. Sigh.

2. Judah has started doing the sweetest things. Whenever he's nursing, he'll put his hand up and just try to feel the ends of my hair. He doesn't usually pull, but sort of runs his fingers through the ends as he's eating. It's adorable. When other people are holding him, he'll also shoot me this big grin, and then stick out his chubby hands and reach out for me to hold him. I love it.

3. The community revival started tonight. Jeff had this great idea to have a community-wide choir made up of people from all the church involved sing. I loved seeing (and hearing) all the voices (both white and black) joined together in song. Jeff actually gets his turn preaching tomorrow. Should be a great, amen-filled time.

4. A good friend is getting married and she had her lingerie shower yesterday. While I was out shopping for it on friday, I ran into someone I knew (the wife of a colleague). I was mortified and felt I had to explain why I was holding a (very tasteful) piece of lingerie. Even though I'm married and know that I'm allowed to buy lingerie, I was still totally embarrassed. I wonder if I'll ever get over this feeling.


Ken said…
Community revival, yes! I look forward to hear about Jeff's message.

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