Bringin' it.

Last night it was Jeff's turn to preach at the Community Revival. Let me tell you - He really brought it. He was getting "Amens" left and right. The black preacher behind him was nodding right along. Someone sitting over to my right kept saying "mmhmm....mmhmm." And Jeff really seemed to get into it - he was a little more animated than usual. He even made a joke about being one of "God's frozen Chosen." The crowd really loved it. I loved it. I loved how he still used several scriptures to give a more or less exegetical sermon, and yet it was still very accessible and evangelistic. It really was a pleasure being part of a service that full of so many different types of faces and backgrounds.

An elderly white lady played the keyboard during the service. She really, really tried to do some of the songs slowly, but almost every time by the second verse, she was throwing in these syncopated runs and basically just rocking out. And if you've never seen a big glasses, dyed hair, kulot (sp?) wearing older lady rocking out (and to hymns no less!)- you are definitely missing something.


Gray said…
Hate I missed it! My parents certainly enjoyed your preaching, Jeff, and the revival itself. I believe Deb's words were "Jeff is such a good preacher." Hope the rest of the week goes well!
mom said…
Gosh I was behind on the blog and didn't know in time to be praying ... but I'm sure enjoying reading about the work of God in Cross Hill!!!!

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