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So my desire and enjoyment of cooking and baking comes and goes in spurts. I like it for a while, and then I get bored by it. But lately it came in a pretty big spurt, and I tried to take advantage of it.

This first one is the foccacia bread that I introduced a while back but had no picture of. (thanks to a Rampey team effort we are now back in the picture business) It was all warm and herby and filled full of yummy veggies.

Then I was in the mood for something sweet, so I made this cinnamon raisin bread with glaze on top. I could've eaten the whole thing as soon as I took it out of the oven it was so good.

Right before Christmas our pastor's wife gave us a loaf of homemade sourdough bread that she had made, and it was a revelation. So I decided that I needed to make some as well. And although the picture looks fairly plain, it is actually one of the harder breads to make. Not least because it requires about 72 hours of prep while the sourdough starter gets sour. I was trying to get a picture that captured the steam rising from the bread, but apparently steam has some magical qualities that prevent it from being captured on film. I did however capture Aubrey's arm in the background which I believe is spreading homemade jam (homemade by Aubrey, not me) on the inaugural piece of Tell Sourdough.

I've got my next project in mind, I just have to figure out if the current spurt has enough left in it to pull it off.


jeni said…
You're tempting us with the focaccia bread again? :) Recipe, please?
Jeff said…

Sorry, but its pushing the limits of masculinity to even admit that I made focaccia. Posting the recipe would just be over the line. Instead I'll just have to refer you to the Southern Living cookbook. That's the one I used. In fact, I used it for all three breads in this post. Its a good book.

jeni said…
LOL!!! Totally understood. Thanks for the tip. :)

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