So I know what I just said about enjoying the cold. And I do. But here in Iowa City, cold has a new meaning. This morning I let Lucy outside on a leash Andrew and Melanie have for their dog. I looked at the thermometer Melanie has by the door and thought, "Oh...9 degrees. That's not too bad - she was out yesterday in weather that cold." So I ignored her pitiful eyes and plaintive look to go upstairs and make sure I didn't need to help Melanie with Sam.

When I came back down, Lucy was STILL sitting right beside the front door, only now she was shivering and taking turns lifting her paws into the air like it was so cold she didn't want them to touch the snow.

Then Melanie came down and noticed that, in fact, it was NEGATIVE nine degrees. I quickly let my poor, freezing dog inside.

Apparently I need a lesson in thermometer reading.


ames said…

I have a half-husky pup who normally *adores* being outside in the snow, but when we hit that cold 'round here (plus wind chill) she looks at me like I'm mad when I let her outside. She does her business and is right back at that door in no time!

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