Works for Me: A great gift idea

This may ruin a little surprise I have put in the mail to some people who read this blog, but I thought this was too good an idea not to share. Now if I'd been together enough before Christmas, I would have posted this then, but since I've been a little busy, I thought I'd go ahead and post now. So you can use this gift idea all year round.

I have always loved the look of nice, personalized stationery. I got some once as a gift before going to college, and it was great. Now if you've looked anywhere for cool stationery, you know that you could spend a FORTUNE on this stuff. And while I love giving cool gifts, I do not have fortunes to spend.

While looking for a good place to get some, I found Vistaprint. It's a great website you can use to order some great-looking stationery that is very reasonably priced. You can even get matching envelopes, address labels, stamps, business cards, sticky notes, notepads, and lots of other stuff. They also seem to have really good sales, and so after ordering initially, I went back a few days later and got something for myself. Because it was on sale. So I saved money, right?

They have some very cute designs. Like this one. Or this one. Or lots of other things. The matching address labels are also cute. They apparently do invitations and other business-related printing as well. This is not some sort of paid endorsement nor do I work for these people. And probably with some good design software you might be able to make something similar at home, but the paper these are printed on is nice, and the finished product looks really good and professional.

So for an easy, highly affordable but still cool gift, these work for me.


Totallyscrappy said…
Oooh, I have a friend who adores sticky notes! This would be great!
ames said…
Personalized stationary adds such a wonderfully special touch. I'm always worried though that someone (especially young girls) might not think it's nearly as neat as I do, but I love it!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you like the soup :)
CC said…
I used them for Christmas postcards this year. They worked out GREAT!!! And since it was my 1st purchase they were FREE (plus postcard stamps are cheaper)! :)

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