Road Trip

Being on a road trip always means lots of reading for me. I've finished 1.5 (the missing .5 of a book is one I accidentally left at the Brown's) and started a third. It also means seeing our family, staying with friends, and meeting our new niece.

Our dog got to see snow for the first time today. She seemed to enjoy it. Though possibly she was just so ecstatic to be walking around outside after our 17 or so hours in the car to get here that she didn't much care what was on the ground.

Possibly the best part about today was the fact that I didn't set foot inside a hospital or get anywhere near hospital cafeteria food.

I love vacation.


Melanie said…
Lucy's coming, too?! Oh, Jessie (and Sam) will be so excited. Do you know when you're heading north yet?

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