Its a bitterly cold winter day here in Greenwood. The temperature might not even get above 45! Ok, that might not sound too bitter, but says that our wind chill is currently 16 degrees. Brrrr. I'm procrastinating on Lucy's morning walk because 16 sounds cold. I was planning to take a slightly more "woe is me" tone in this post, but we have several midwestern readers. And if we learned one thing last winter, its that Midwesterners become strangely calloused towards our South Carolina weather related hardships during the winter months. I don't know why, must be something in the water out there.

Aubrey is post call today, so she will likely take a long nap this afternoon. I will stay inside, drink a warm beverage, read my Christmas books, and think about my sermon that I'm preaching this Sunday. Should be a good day.


Melanie said…
Yeah, must be in the water. Or in the thermometer in my kitchen that says 5.6 right now. Don't worry, though, it's warmed up since 7 am ... it was 1.4 then.
Melanie said…
Oh, that was DEGREES. 5.6 degrees. Fahrenheit.
Ken Shomo said…
What's the sermon text?
Keeeeeeeith said…
I sympathize with you, it didn't even hit 70 here yesterday and dipped into the 40s at night, very annoying for early morning running.
Anonymous said…
6 degrees this morning.
Anonymous said…
texto del sermon!
Jeff said…

You win. besides, its supposed to be 71 here on Monday, so I officially surrender the coldest winter war.


Daniel 2. The end of the chapter. Nebu's vision. I preached on the beginning of the chapter last time I was at this church, so its sort of like a mini-series. Hope for the new year: God is faithful to his purposes!

Weddings at said…
As you well know - one of the few downsides to our house. . . . cold windy days = we've been sleeping in the living room for the past couple of nights. Warmer days are right around the corner though!
Emilie said…
just saw that I was signed in to the wrong account . .. above comment is from Emilie. :-)

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