Vegetarian Thursday

After a ridiculously delicious and foodful Christmas weekend, Aubrey and I were feeling like we might not have to eat meat again until 2008. While we were home Carol made a ham on Friday, a Turkey on Sunday, and an 18-pound standing rib roast on Christmas. (For those of you who know my mom-in-law Carol, and are wondering why so little meat was cooked, its because she was sick all weekend!)

So today I decided to make dinner for Aubrey and I, since I didn't feel like eating leftover meat. I decided to go a little gourmet, while still keeping things light. I made some homemade foccacia to use as sandwich bread. The filling was spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, black olives (on mine, not Aubrey's), avocado, and some lightly sauteed red and green peppers and mushrooms. Yum. So good. So many flavors that you don't even notice there is no meat.

[Rats. The whole point of my writing this post was so I could post the cool picture I took of my sandwich before I ate it, and I just realized we left our "connect-the-camera-to-the-computer" cord in Seneca. Darn. Please picture a sandwich in your mind now. But make sure its a good sandwich, one that you would really want to eat. The bread is kinda rustic and herby. The veggies are colorful. Oh, and there is a black olive slice that fell out and is sitting on the plate.]


Melanie said…
So how many times might one have to say "please" in order to have foccacia made at her house in Iowa in a few weeks? I'll even buy olives for you to have on your sandwich, Jeff ... not that black olives have ever set foot (uh, branch?) in our home. But for you? And for homemade foccacia? Let there be olives.
jeni said…
Sounds good! Are you going to post your focaccia bread recipe?

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