2 things...

1. So, after cooking a few nice meals lately, and bringing home doggy bags from a couple nice restaurants, we had a pretty ridiculously good selection of leftovers in the fridge. Last night was leftover night, and I opened the fridge and asked myself, "self, do I feel like having turkey, pork, lamb, or shrimp for dinner tonight?" Perhaps the first time ever that I have had such a high-falutin combination of leftovers to pick from. I went with the shrimp. And grits.

2. Also, my semester just ended tonight. I just finished my hebrew final, and it is now Christmas break! Its pretty anticlimactic this semester, as Aubrey and I's lives are much more controlled by her work schedule than by my leisurely academic schedule. Still, for the next three weeks I get to study and read whatever I darn well feel like. Any suggestions?


Melanie said…
Those sound like some pretty quality leftovers. Andrew could have written a similar post, except he would have only had some not-so-nice things to say about the lentil soup that seemed to linger for days in our fridge. I, for one, enjoyed the lentil soup numerous times.

P.S. - my word verification is rlafs. Get it? "Our Laughs?" ha ha ha
Alex said…
Why dont you try some Thomas Manton - recommended by both Spurgeon ("Ministers who do not know Manton need not wonder if they are themselves unknown.") and J. C. Ryle, ("As an expositor of Scripture, I regard Manton with unmingled admiration"), but woefully neglected these days.

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