December 20 - Wrapping Party

Instead of going straight to bed when I got home from call today (my usual routine), Jeff and I FINALLY got our Christmas presents to our family finished, boxed, and wrapped. You can see Lucy especially enjoyed helping with the wrapping. Then I went to bed and Jeff dutifully took everything to the post office where we got it all mailed. There is at least a small chance that things might arrive by Christmas.

Some year, I'm really going to have my act together and get our presents mailed early, and maybe get out some kind of Christmas card.

That is not going to be this year.


Melanie said…
Intern year is not the year to be concerned about it. I don't even have to go to work and I can't get all my presents to the p.o. in time ... of course I have had ice. And snow. And more ice. And a boy who needed an extra nap on the day I was finally going to go. But SOME people might at least get our Christmas cards on time.
Anonymous said…

this pic of you wearing shorts in december inspired me. I too am wearing shorts today, proudly.

This is really not that big of a deal, as it is projected to reach 56 today! But, there are still vestiges of snow in our yard, with 2 more inches predicted for tomorrow, with a high of 33.

But for the meantime, I am enjoying my cargo shorts.

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