A Christmas Dilemma

As befitting a modern couple like Aubrey and myself, we have taken to ordering a number of Christmas presents online this year. Indeed, no small number of boxes from Amazon have been landing on our porch in the last week, and more are anticipated. However, despite the great convenience of shopping from home, this has created its own complication. I have ordered things for Aubrey, Aubrey has ordered things for me, and now there are also some other third parties who have ordered things for us and had them shipped directly here from amazon. Thus as the boxes pile up it is getting harder and harder to divine which gift is in which identical amazon box, and thus who needs to open it and wrap said gift for whom. We might just end up wrapping a bunch of unopened amazon boxes and labeling them, "To: Jeff and/or Aubrey, From: Jeff, Aubrey, or third party."

On an unrelated topic, Aubrey and I soldiered up and did our intern year duty again last night. That's right, we took a very nice candidate and his wife to a fancy restaurant and let the Montgomery Center pay for it. It was tough, but somebody had to do it. And has had to do it the last seven times as well. Having become well acquainted with the Filet Mignon at this particular restaurant, I decided to branch out and get a rack of ribs. It was a revelation. First, the ribs were delicious. And second, you get a huge chunk of meat that you are allowed, yea expected, to eat with your hands. I will definitely be getting that again. Unfortunately interview season is almost over, and Aubrey and I will have to go back to paying for our own restaurant meals. I just ate my leftovers for lunch, and they were still delicious. Then I let Lucy lick the extra barbecue sauce off the plate, which I do believe she enjoyed.


Megan said…
That's hilarious. I definitely vote for the wrapping-the-unopened-boxes-and - labeling-them-to-one-of-us-from-somebody option.

That will be way more fun. And typically anything I get for Craig is something I'm excited about anyway, so it would be fun to have it wrapped...

Melanie said…
Last year this happened to us with L.L. Bean. I have no memory (like most of last December) of how we solved the problem, though ... probably has something to do with the little boy who wasn't letting me sleep much then.

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