December 15

I've been (a little) jealous of all the ice pictures I've been seeing around. I know, I know, I have nothing to complain about when it is almost 80 here, but it's DECEMBER. As in WINTER. As in supposed to be cold. Finally today we are getting some cooler weather. So here is proof of the most winter-y the weather has been around here in a long time.


Melanie said…
So should I not tell you that it's been snowing here for 14 hours now? And I'll take it over the ice we had last week ANY day. I'd probably even take it over 80 degree days in December... but surely there's a happy medium somewhere, where it feels like winter but isn't dangerous to leave home.

And Google's telling me you just posted this 13 minutes ago. Thanks for blogging on Sam's nap schedule :)

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