Christmas Eve Eve

Judging by the quantity of food and people in these pictures, one might think this is our Christmas dinner, or at least part of Christmas with some family.

But no, this is really just what we'll call round 1, a small gathering on Sunday after church. You can tell because today there was ONLY 1 meat option (turkey), as opposed to being able to choose between eating cow, pig, or turkey. We did, though, have plenty of dessert (since I need to be worried about having enough to eat).
And a pretty raspberry tea.

Tonight was hanging out with some high school friends (and their spouses) and watching them eat Mexican food. (You can't imagine we could possibly be hungry after lunch/linner(?)/dunch(?), do you?)


Melanie said…
Iowa is feeling VERY far away right now.
Aubrey said…
Let us say that your presence here is SORELY missed.
Merry Christmas to you all as well Aubrey! It's so weird seeing your house in the pictures and totally remembering romping around in that kitchen as pre-teens :) And the time someone broke in through the kitchen window and we put a chair at the top of the stairs so we'd know if they came back another night? How random. "Pre-teen-hood" was fun though :)

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