I want to post a short list of things I'm thankful for. Although, I'd like to do it without getting all bogged down in that deep, heartfelt stuff, just simple, shallow things I'm thankful for. So if you're family, or a friend, or a blog reader of any sort, know that I'm thankful for you, even though you might not appear on the list by name.

I'm thankful for....

1. the taste of woodchuck cider.
2. the feeling of coming home after being away.
3. the fact that my dog squeaks when she yawns.
4. the fact that my in-laws have satellite tv. its good to veg out for a while, and just enough to make me glad I don't have satellite tv.
5. the anticipation of going to bed when I'm tired (like now).
6. my library privileges.
7. my BibleWorks software.
8. any good pun. (who am I kidding? any pun at all)
9. anticipation.
10. cookie dough.

Interesting. Despite my desire to post a nice shallow post, its hard not to mention all the other more significant wonderful things I'm thankful for. And of course Aubrey tops that list. I'm very thankful for her. I'm more thankful for her than I am for puns. And I like puns quite a bit.


Elise said…
Jeff, Prior to reading this post, Melanie and I were just talking about your love for puns, and ours too. We laughed at a silly and slightly mean one about Hillary being the new Hitler: or Hitllary...And then we said, after no Rampeys laughed with us, that Jeff would have enjoyed our pun. We think that the non-Rampeys are the ones who really enjoy the puns the most (not that the Rampey's don't... you know what I'm saying.) We too are thankful for puns.

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