Change of Plans

I am sitting in my parent's house in Seneca writing this post. In Seneca because my dear, sweet grandmother fell yesterday and broke her hip, and my parents could no longer travel to Iowa to have Thanksgiving and Birthday celebrations there.

I hate that they can't go. I hate that Grandma broke her hip. The only glimmer of light in this cloud is that now I get to spend the holiday with family. My last call night wasn't bad, and I was able to discharge most of my patients this morning, so my upper level resident gave me the day off tomorrow.

That's TWO whole extra days off this month. For free.

My Grandma is doing well after her surgery this morning. Thankfully, they were able to repair her hip using only epidural anesthesia and didn't have to fully put her under. She is extremely confused at the hospital.

She's with it enough to know that she does NOT like using a mask to give her oxygen, and does NOT like the taste of the pills she has to take. Earlier tonight she actually spit one of her pills out AT the nurse who tried to give it to her. She also apparently successfully fought off the nurses who were trying to keep her oxygen mask on.

She's a fairly feisty (and stubborn) 91 year old. Hopefully she'll be back to her only slightly confused self in a few more days.


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