...Is how this month on medicine is starting. God has been very gracious to me so far in that my friday call was a "no-hitter"!! and I slept (in between floor call pages) from about midnight to 6:30(!!). This is very, very unusual for medicine months since a typical night is probably 4-5 admissions. Or 8.

So my one very stable patient that I had before I was on call I still have, but no one else. But I'm on call this Tuesday and this Saturday, both of which will probably be exceedingly busy days. So I'm trying to enjoy this relaxing time before my list starts to look ugly.

The only time I've been sad about my job is when I realized that while I have to stay here in Greenwood this week, the rest of my family is meeting in Iowa to celebrate Thanksgiving and Sam's 1st Birthday. Sniff. But we do have what should be a fun time planned with all the other residents who are staying here in town on Thursday, and I know there will be TONS of good food, including the tasty salad that I made last Thanksgiving and some homemade rolls or biscuits, or maybe both.

Because (my Rampey genes ask) why choose?


Melanie said…
So, I cried when I clicked on your "Sam" link. It's nearly impossible for me to remember that he was so tiny. We will certainly miss you two this week. On the upside, you'll be sleeping in a bed in Greenwood... that's more than I can promise for most of our guests (like any after the first TWO).
Jeff said…
Gosh, I didn't realize we still had salad left over from last thanksgiving. I guess we need to do better about eating our leftovers.

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