Jeff and I had a great time in St. Louis at the wedding. I did, in fact, eat a fox treat sundae (raspberries, macadamia nuts, and hot fudge) from Ted Drewe's, in spite of the fact that Sara's reception was a dessert reception with LOTS of very tasty treats made by her mom, and included a big table full of all types of candy.

Because the thing you need to eat most after eating cake and then candy and cookies is a big bowl of ice cream.

But here are a few photos from the wedding.... (Sorry, Sara, that none of these are very good. My camera has issues when it comes to taking pictures inside. Flash=no good, without flash=blur)
Coming in....

Going out. I promise it's Alex and Sara, even if you can't tell.

It's Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Brown!

The Seminary girls...minus one Tracy.


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