Lucy the Daydreamer.

When I was young, my teachers used to tell my parents that I spent too much time staring out the windows instead of paying attention in class. Apparently Lucy takes after me in this regard. One of her favorite activities when I'm studying in my office is to sit and stare out the window. About 5% of the time there will be a dog, squirrel, kid or something else outside that she is looking at, but mostly she just stares and dreams about who knows what?

Even as I am typing this very post she is sitting just like this...

Conveniently for her, the window sill is at the exact right height for her chin.

Just what is going on in that little head of hers??? Visions of cats with twisted ankles who can't outrun her? Trying to decide if the neighbors swingset is really as fun as it looks?

"Seriously Dad, will you stop flashing that camera at me? It's distracting."


Ken Shomo said…
Dogs need chin-level windows.

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