Since I was post-call, I did not have the time or, more importantly, the mental energy to think of a costume idea. But I do have some great pics of our nephew Sam in his costume. And some new photos of our other nephew, Jack, and his sweet little sister Ashlyn. Plus I felt I needed something a little happier to follow up yesterday's sad post. I know you can't look at these photos and not smile:

I mean....the face!! and the hair!!

The proud big brother.

He has ears!!! and a tail!


Katie said…
I got to your blog through the giveaways and was curious about the title because I am from Charleston. Sure enough, I was right- it's THAT Ashley Ave. I don't live there now, so I am just a little jealous. Your stuff on the giveaway is great by the way. Thanks for a little window into Chuck-town.

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