How to get your heart racing...

The best way to raise your blood pressure, I just discovered, is to arrive at the airport and realize you do not have your wallet. You know, the one that contains the all-important photo ID which is absolutely necessary for getting anywhere close to boarding an airplane. Not surprisingly, I quickly tore through all our bags looking for it. It was nowhere. I begin having visions of being stuck in St. Louis for an extra day, of missing work and making things difficult for everyone I work with. We finally get in touch with the rental car company's St. Louis Office after being transferred around several times, and they take our information and look inside the car we had just returned.

It was there. Then they graciously send it with the driver of Bus #7 to the terminal so we can get it and get checked in, saving me from having to plead and bribe my way onto a plane with no ID. I get my wallet back and realize that the Good Samaritan Hertz Employee who found my wallet decided that his services were worth about $10, or the amount of money I had left in there.

I guess it was a small price to pay.


Kristin said…
Aw, poor Aubrey!! I'm glad you got home.

It was so fun to see you two this weekend. :)

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