If my truck were my office....

I was thinking today about how some people work out of their car. I've never actually known anybody who does this, but car ads on tv occasionally give the idea that people do this. I guess they just walk out to the garage in the morning and spend the day sitting in the car. Personally I prefer offices with more leg room. Anyway, it got me to thinking about what it would be like if Junior was my office...

I've been having some personnel issues lately. Just this last week my clutch decided to reduce its hours to part time. This came as somewhat of a surprise. Sure, the clutch and I have not always had the smoothest relationship. There have been occasions in the past where I have over worked him, and he ended up in the shop. But still, I thought we'd resolved all that. Now out of the blue he decides he's not going to work all the time, just whenever he feels like it.

Of course, this issue with the clutch is just the latest event. It seems as though morale has been in a downward spiral around the office ever since the muffler quit a few years ago. She was always the one who kept things nice and quiet. Since then the windshield wiper twins have been doing really sloppy work, not at all up to their standards. And their cohort, the windshield, has also been really moody lately. Anytime it rains he just leaks everywhere, and rain drips on your knees. Its hard to be productive at the office when your knees are getting dripped on.

Other employees aren't quite so dramatic. For instance the stereo. He's never exactly been the strong silent type, but he does have a passive aggressive streak to him. It started small, he'd just eat a tape or two, but these days he just puts out all kind of attitude when you want to listen to the radio. The headlight department has always been real loyal, but there was a certain incident with a senior citizen bus a while back, and they're still a little shaken. Lefty in particular, can't quite see straight anymore, and is always shining a little up and to the left.

So as you can see, its not the most efficient office in the world. A few years ago we tried to recruit air conditioning to come join the team, but apparently he's too cool for us. (I couldn't help it. See #8)

There are beginning to be rumblings about downsizing, and perhaps just closing down the whole office. It might not be the worst thing in the world.


Melanie said…
I meant to tell you last week that we had a Junior spotting in Iowa City. I pulled into the Walmart parking lot and there he was! I had no idea he had the strength left in him to make it all the way up here ... I should have known better than to question his integrity.
abram.rampey said…
jeff i know what its like. the volvo's wheel decided a few months that they had had enough and tried to escape while i was in the car. i had to resort to some pretty drastic negotiating to convince them to keep their jobs
Erin E. said…
i sure hope that talk of closing junior's office was a joke. i'll protest. ohmygosh...that would be so stinkin sad.

miss ya'll.

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