Junior failed me this morning. It seems his age is starting to show. I was driving to work in him, having graciously told Jeff to take the Honda since he had to drive to Due West. (Yes, that is an actual town name. And no, I do not know what it is due west of.) I was in somewhat of a hurry, seeing as I was running a little late. (Big surprise, I know.) The car in front of me had to stop suddenly, and I slammed on my brakes, but I just couldn't stop in time. Junior and I went crash. (A very small crash.) And I say Junior failed me since I think we may have entered a small skid, or the brakes may have locked up. Junior, unlike some newer cars (i.e. the honda I regularly drive) does not have anti-lock brakes. In the milliseconds I had to try and get him stopped, I did not really think about this fact.

The funny thing is that the vehicle I hit was a state owned small bus. The driver who got out was this cute little older gentleman who was fine. I noticed his name tag said something about the "Committee on Aging." So apparently I hit the bus that transports the elderly. The old people bus.

It was empty at the time. Thankfully. When I realized what it was I suddenly had visions of many white heads with walkers and lecturing me about driving too fast, shaking their canes in my direction.

Junior sustained a small dent into his fender. The old people bus looked fine. I walked away with only some slightly shaky hands that made it hard for me to call Jeff to tell him what happened. During this phone call, made after I had started driving again, I suddenly wondered if it was really the best idea to do something that might distract me while driving.


angie said…
"..the old people bus..."

BWA-HA-HA!! Cracking me up!
Lindsay said…
I maybe be wrong, but I think that Due West got it's name because the location is "due west" of some important building in the area (a church or something). Thought that might help.

Hope everything's going well with doctoring!

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