Lucy at the lake.

Taking picnics to the local state parks and lakes around here has become one of Aubrey and I's favorite day off activities. Saturday we packed up a picnic (actually the nice lady at Subway packed it for us) and we headed down to Baker Creek State Park on Lake Strom Thurmond.

After eating dinner, and some relaxing reading, we cooled off with a dip in the lake. Any time we go swimming, Lucy is torn between her desire to be as close to us as possible, and the fact that this means she has to swim. She's a pretty good swimmer, but doesn't seem to particularly love it yet. So after we coaxed her in, she headed straight for the raft.

There was a little black girl watching from the shore who was very interested in Lucy's every move. The following video snippet includes some of her southern-accented-color-commentary.

After I put Lucy back in the water, she swam straight for Aubrey on the shore...

We think Lucy is becoming slightly more used to swimming. She doesn't require quite as much coaxing to get her in the water as she used to.

Here's a few more cute pictures of Lucy on the boat from last week.


Ken Shomo said…
Cool pics and video!
Erin E. said…
holy cow....i've watched that video four times just to hear that little girl...and then jeff say...yeah, she can swim....are you kidding me? hilarious! i love it!
miss ya'll.

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